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Ambrosia Maple Modular Table Set

What have we here? A cool modular set of three tables! Use all three together as one long coffee table, or divide them up, keeping the long center table as a coffee table while using the two short pieces as matching end tables. For purely decorative purposes only, this set could even be used as a “bench” to hold lightweight items in your foyer or under a bay window, but the construction is NOT intended to hold the weight of a person, even a very small one.

We designed this set to be a blend of modern curved (almost tubular) legs and rustic faux live edge table tops. For the tops, we joined boards with a variety of grains, knots and quilting (curliness). We even left a few hand tooling marks to add to the rustic appeal. We then lined them up and designed a stylish faux live edge curve down both sides and rounded those over on the router to smooth off the look. We kept the short sides blunt in case someone wanted to butt the tables up against one another rather than simply placing them in close proximity for a long coffee table. The legs are formed from a glue up of two boards for extra chunkiness, joined into u-shapes with hidden dowels and curved at the top and bottom for a bit of a mid century modern look. The leg sets are united via curved apron pieces and attached to the table tops with more hidden dowels.

The finish consists first of a light stain coat with Medium Walnut Danish Oil. This is a beautiful stain that brings out all of the interesting quilting, grain variations, tool marks and ‘worminess’ in this beautiful wood. After that, the pieces were finished with multiple coats of a brush on, water based polyurethane in a satin finish. We didn’t want to detract from the rustic appeal by going with a higher gloss finish, so you should always be sure to use absorbent coasters or other protection when placing drinking glasses, hot coffee mugs, and the like on this table.

Each table measures 18” tall and about 15” deep. The long center table measures 40” long and each of the two short tables measures 19” long (for a total length of 78”). Because of the size and weight of these tables, shipping costs would be very high, and thus this set is offered for LOCAL PICKUP ONLY in the Washington DC region.

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