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Black Walnut Prairie Style Stained Glass Lamp

We are loving working with stained glass at the moment and have continued this line of work with this beautiful walnut lamp. Like some of our others, this beauty has long, tapered legs and this time we completed this prairie look with a lid that also has tapered sides.

As usual, we cut the legs and rails and then rabbeted them to form the inner frames that would hold the glass panels. This frame is held together with a system of hidden dowels. We then created a matching solid walnut bottom and lid, and a cool criss-cross accent finial/handle that is both functional and cool to look at. The bottom on this lamp, rather than being glued in, is fastened with small brass screws. That way, should a panel of glass ever break, the bottom can be removed, allowing access to and replacement of the damaged panel. The lamp is finished with multiple coats of a brush on urethane satin finish.

The stained glass is in a combination of greens with reds, oranges, pinks and golds that we love next to the color of black walnut, each side having some common pieces of glass, but offering a different dominant tone/hue. All sides are constructed in a basic patchwork design. This lamp is beautiful from all sides and would look terrific as an accent light in an entryway, living room, bedroom or home office.

The prairie lamp includes a six foot cord with inline switch and a long life LED bulb in the soft glow Edison style. It measures 12” tall (15 1/2” tall including the lid and finial) x approximately 8 1/2” x 8 1/2” square at the widest part of the base.

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