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Folding Fireplace Screen/Table

Besides the matching splayed leg console table and rolling chest, this is the only project we have done that features a reclaimed item. In this case, though, the item was refurbished and now serves once again as originally intended—a fireplace screen that doubles, when folded down, as a small table. When we encountered this screen in an antique store in Virginia, the wood frame was badly scratched and dinged, and the table top, which had only been made of a thick cardboard papered with a mass produced flower print paper, had a giant hole in the middle of it. We brought it home, repaired and painted the wood frame in a black lacquer, and popped out the old screen/table top. In its place we put a painting on panel that I created from a photograph I took several years ago in a botanical garden. The painting is done in oil pastels and acrylic paints. We were so pleased with the outcome that this project became another prototype product for us—we analyzed the construction of the folding frame and learned how to make new ones, each with an original painting on panel as the screen/table top. When serving as a fireplace screen, this item is 36” high. When folded out as a table, it is 27” high. The screen/top is 26” x 26”.

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