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Glass Block Flower Vase

Having completed the pair of Mid Century Modern Glass Block Lamps, we wanted to try a different project using glass blocks. This time, we chose the basic clear glass block with a pre-cut rectangular opening. We knew it wouldn't make for a very exciting lamp, but we got excited about the prospects for a fun vase after confirming that the block was watertight. We opted for a sort of "pagoda" style structure because we like the hard edge look with the softening features of flowers. We constructed the three-sided frame from black walnut just as we had done for the glass block lamps, but this time of course, left the fourth side open so that the block could readily slide in and out. The top of the vase is also of black walnut and has a rectangular opening cut into it slightly larger than that of the glass block. The legs are solid cherry, held in place with a system of hidden wood dowels.

As the photos show, the lid lifts off so that the glass block may be removed for cleaning. We like the vase for both dried arrangements and fresh cut flowers, and the wood is finished with multiple coats of glossy polyurethane to maximize water resistance (though it is always a good idea to wipe off excess water drops from all wood surfaces.)

This vase measures 14" long at the legs, 11" tall, and 6 1/2" deep across the lid, which is the deepest part of the vase. The glass block portion of the vase measures 8" long by 7 1/2" tall by 4" deep. The opening on the glass block is 4 1/2" by 1". This opening is wide enough to allow for a small-standard size bouquet of flowers from your local grocery (for example) to fit in very easily (as pictured). It will not accommodate a very large bouquet with stems that have a lot of big leaves.

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