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Pink and Black Triangle Lantern

This lamp is a prototype that represents a new design and construction style we are exploring. It is simplistic in design so we could focus on learning some new techniques. We made use of 3 readymade squares of glass approximately 6” x 6”. We framed these in zinc came so we could practice cutting techniques and soldering. We also used a Dremel to burnish the metal to give it a more polished finish and to blend the soldered corners in with the rest of the metal. We used scrap tulip poplar from another project for the base and lid, resawing the piece to create top and bottom. We routed the grooves in on both pieces to capture the glass, and found other scrap pieces of poplar for the feet and finial. The feet were fortuitously cut almost as if they were made for this project, with a right angle cut-out that was perfectly fitted, and an angle that makes the piece look as if it is somehow rotating.

The top and bottom were painted with black acrylic and the feet and finial with magenta. The parts were glued up and everything was finished with multiple coats of a brush-on water based polyurethane in a semi-gloss finish. To add some zest, we lit it with a pink bulb that matched the magenta feet and finial. Perfect!

This lamp measures 7” on the 3 sides and 10” tall including the feet and finial. It uses a clip-in, candelabra size bulb base and a cord with an inline switch.

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