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Talk Talk

This is our first abstract, purely sculptural piece. We crafted it from two pieces of exotic Cocobolo wood, both of which were ‘cut offs’ from other, larger projects completed some time ago. The piece that forms the base has a cool white stripe down one side, and a partial circular cut away that exposes some of the orange color that Cocobolo often displays. The piece that forms the two part sculpture was a single stick of Cocobolo that we cut in two in a curved line to echo the circular cut in the base. After that, we began to fool around with the creation of other angles and recesses, letting the grain and knots in the wood guide us as to how to both enhance the natural personality of the wood and create a sculpture that was intellectually stimulating. Before long, it was obvious that we had ‘accidentally’ created two totem-like figures, filled with mouths. Mouths wide open. Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. What’s more, when positioned differently relative to one another, the feel of the sculpture changed radically. Talking to one another, talking at odds with one another, and so on. So, we decided to keep this piece in ‘interactive’ mode rather than ‘static’. We drilled holes to hide the wood dowels that hold the pieces in place, but rather than gluing it all down into a static position, we left it loose, so that the viewer can shift the pieces in relation to one another and create a different feel for the piece, as depicted in the photos. We really love this thing!

Talk Talk measures 10” long (the base) x 16” high x 5 1/2” wide (the base). As Cocobolo makes its own oils, we elected to finish the piece in hand buffed Minwax wax as the protective sealant. Should the wood dry over time, another coat can be readily applied and buffed off again, easy peasey.

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