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Classic Cherry Tool Chest

The tool chest is based upon a design from Fine Woodworking Magazine and is a throwback to how toolchests were once made for machinist and woodworkers.  As our collection of hand tools and in particular hand planes grew we needed a dedicated storage place for them and thus our desire to build this chest.

We built the chest using Pennsylvania Cherry.  The Cherry wood from Pennsylvania is some of the best in the world, so if one is going to showcase their woodworking skills then one ought to use some of the best wood available.

The chest uses multiple types of joinery - dovetails on the bottom sides, mortise & tenon for the middle shelf, bridle joints for the lid, and rabbets for the panels.

We selected some fun pewter hardware to be consistent with the look of the period.

The project challenged us as it pushed our woodwork skills, but it was quite satisfying to finish it and finally put it to use.

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