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Live Edge Walnut Lamp

This project has perhaps the most convoluted story of all of the items we have made so far. What is now a funky, 1970s-inspired, wood table-top lamp started out as a table top itself. During a shopping trip at a Pennsylvania lumber yard, we found a thick chunk of live edge walnut. It was an oddly shaped right angle triangle, with the hypotenuse being the live edge. We began the project with the plan that we would re-saw the chunk into four slices, book match them, and have a nice, quirky live edge coffee table top, roughly diamond shaped. However, after we re-sawed, the wood twisted badly, and by the time we finished planing the pieces flat again, they were too thin to be made into a table top. We stood them on their ends on the workshop table, and ‘poof’, they became the sides of a live edge lamp! We then cut the lamp base and corner pieces from another slab of American walnut and carefully assembled all of the parts. The live edge walnut has an unusual rainbow of colors and changes tones dramatically when lit versus when off, and even changes as the surrounding light changes. The finish is a natural, brush on, water based, satin polyurethane that enhances this rainbow of colors. The lamp measures 19 1/2” tall and is roughly square at 9 1/2” wide/deep. It includes a nice LED bulb for long life and low heat.

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