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Walnut Stained Glass Lamp

We made a prototype of this lamp for our own home and were so pleased with the results we decided to make one for our store. It is a blend of traditional Mission Style furnishings and the hard edge geometric abstraction of Modern art.


The frame, base and lid were cut from a single board of American walnut and all of the rails and stiles of the frame are held together with a series of hidden dowels. The panels are made from an assortment of five different types of stained glass, cut and ground to fit, and held in place with framing pins. We love the blues and purples of this lamp whether it is lit or not! In our home, the prototype lamp lives on a matching live edge walnut console table in our family room, and this lamp, too, would be suitable for a casual family room, a home office, or even an entryway or hallway—really anywhere that colorful accent or mood lighting is desired.


It measures 6” wide x 6” deep x 13” tall, and includes a long-life candelabra style LED bulb on a six foot cord with built-in switch.

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