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Puffball Designs

Stuff for Your Inner Puff

-   ABOUT US  -

Puffball Designs LLC is a husband and wife team.  We design and create one-of-a-kind home decor items.  Some are functional, some are decorative, and all strive for an original artistic flair. 


We use materials ranging from hardwoods to stained glass to fabrics, paints, pastels... whatever we feel we need to make the objects that we envision and come to life. 


On occasion our projects are inspired by a combination of other things that we have seen, but more often than not our inspiration comes from the raw materials themselves -- we like the challenge of experimentally combining the eclectic mix of materials that we find to make the items.   We especially get satisfaction from taking the discards and remnants others overlook and giving them new life.


We build everything ourselves out of our small home workshop located in the Virginia Piedmont region. 


Puffball Designs LLC is a registered Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the Commonwealth of Virginia.



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