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Acorn Bandsaw Box

Acorn Bandsaw Box

The shape of this box was inspired by the piece of cherry that serves as the lid. The cherry slab came from the lumberyard with a built-in ‘acorn’ shape in this section, so we decided to honor that natural form by creating a box in the same form. We did a glue-up of a stack of five red oak pieces cut to size, and from there cut the acorn form from it with the bandsaw. We used oak because what else would one use to make an acorn box? As usual, a portion of the interior ‘plug’ that remained was then used for the box bottom and the under-lid.


The oak box is finished with a rub-on oil based finish of ‘Moroccan teak’ shading, and the cherry lid is finished in a brush on clear polyurethane to ensure it keeps its lovely pink shade. We love the marriage of the chocolate brown of the box with the soft pink of the lid and the low-sheen finish that both of these products provide, allowing the wonderful grains of the woods to show to their best effect.


This box flairs out from top to bottom, and measures 6” tall x 6” long x 5” wide at the base.

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