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Abstract Copper Leaf and Koa Lamp


This is far and away one of the most unusual and most decorated objects we have created.  This lamp began life in our shop in the form of two different and equally ragged hunks of Hawaiian Koa.  We created the driftwood-style base from a Koa log, slicing it smooth on three sides to form a level base and reveal the gorgeous rainbow grain on the front and back sides.  The 'arm' of the lamp was then formed from a separate jagged shard of Koa using a bandsaw to create the basic shape and then extensive hand rasping and sanding to sculpt and smooth it to its final shape.  The piece, to our eyes, bears a remarkable resemblance to some ancient piece of petrified wood, or perhaps a large rib bone.  We joined this arm to the base via dowels at a pre-existing slope on the base, created when another limb was sliced away.  


From there, the natural, organic feel of the project took over, and we then added a copper wire 'vine' to the base and arm, complete with copper foil leaves for a truly wild and unruly look.  The entire piece is topped off with a blown glass 'cheer drop' witch ball by Bronte Harbour and dazzlingly illuminated by a strip of long life LEDs housed in a shallow trench chiseled into the top of the Koa base.  The Koa is finished with multiple coats of hand rubbed oil and urethane in natural coloring.                 

Given the unusual shape and components of this piece, it's shipping dimensions and requirements are challenging.  It is as tall as it is long (at 18" x 18" x 2 1/2"), and the copper work and stained glass witch ball require extra padding and space to prevent bending and breakage.

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