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Koa & Sapele Lamp

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Koa & Sapele Lamp

Inspired by Hawaiian sunsets, this lamp evokes the red sunset after a long day on a Hawaiian beach. This light consists of an African sapele case capturing a Hawaiian koa panel and red streaked stained glass. The koa wood symbolizes the Hawaiian beach and the red stained glass symbolizes the sunset. The lamp is illuminated with a 4 watt LED bulb (equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb) and can be hung on a wall or placed atop a desk or shelf. The lamp's frame is constructed using African sapele. Sapele is very similar to mahogany and has a very straight grain to it. It is often used to construct the neck for ukuleles. The frame is constructed using lock-miter corners, ensuring nice tight joints that will stay together and that look good. The lamp includes a removable back panel for access to the light inside. The lower panel of the lamp is koa. Koa wood is native to Hawaii and often used to construct the body of ukuleles. The upper panel is red iridescent stained glass, meaning that in daylight or a well lit room the glass shows different luminous colors depending upon the angle viewed.


Dimensions: - 13" wide - 12" tall - 2.5 " deep

Weight: Approximately 3 pounds

Light: 4W LED, 300 luminous flux (equivalent to a 60W incandescent or a 25W halogen)

Power: 6' power cord with rotary on/off switch - 110 VAC

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