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“Botanicals” Theme Lap/Bed Quilt

The largest of the quilts we’ve made to date, this one expresses our ongoing joy at working with remnants in new ways. This time, we started with two pieces of fabric having botanical themes—one red/yellow and another blue/green. But we weren’t content to use the pattern they came in, so we began by extracting the main flowers and pods from the remnants. We squared those off and then built around them, linking them together in space via a network of squares and rectangles of various complimentary patterns and solids. We added a few applique embellishments for a little more flair, and a nice, bright green border. Assorted shades of green were also used on both sides of this quilt, and they are the common tie. There are a variety of fabrics in use here—traditional quilting cottons, drapery fabric, upholstery fabric, faux suede of assorted colors, flannel, fleece, and faux crushed velvet. The batting is “Warm and Natural” brand, and the quilting stitching was done in a subtle ‘vine’ or ‘stem’ theme to accent the botanical motif.

As shown in the pictures, this quilt goes edge to edge on a king sized bed, and is wide enough to serve as a bright ‘runner’ at the foot of the bed for an extra pop of color. The variety of colors on both sides will compliment lots of different furnishings. It also looks lovely draped over the back of a sofa or chair. This quilt could also serve as a large lap quilt—maybe when the two of you are side by side and snuggling. This quilt measures approximately 82” long x 52” wide.

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