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“Chubby” Hickory Lamps with Purple Cockatoo Shades

Yet another creation inspired by a desire to play with fabric remnants. We began with the pure applique side of green fleece. Inspired by other ‘primitive’ applique flowers we have seen, we created our own petal design by randomly stitching together interesting scraps, then kind of shaping up the ends at various angles to form the ends of flower petals. We made a variety of lengths of petals and created the flowers as we went. After stitching those down and adding bright orange flannel centers for even more flair, we turned our attention to the opposing side, on which we wanted to feature the “strip quilt” technique. But, we had lots of little flower petals left over from the first side and we didn’t want them to be left out. So we ended up starting this side by creating “star flowers” from the leftovers. We squared off the ends, and turned them all 180 degrees, so that they would sit flush next to one another and poof! Star-shaped flowers from the leftover petals. So cute. We then stitched these on to bright green cotton squares, and, wanting to really showcase them, put on borders of black and white polka dot flannel. These three pieces because the items we then worked around to design the rest of this side.

Knowing how we wanted to arrange these three pieces, we simply ‘filled in the blanks’ by creating three sets of “strip quilt” panels, which we outlined in orange flannel. Then, for the remaining space, we also added in 3 panels (one long and two small) that feature the traditional “wild goose chase” theme in modified form. These geese are of fleece and spandex and are stitched on to black faux suede panels with contrasting threads. Once all of these panels were complete, we assembled them, and then, to add even more ‘crazy’ to an already crazy quilt, we quilted the two sides together with a wild “all over” groovy stitch in random fashion. We love how sculpted the fleece side looks. After that, we added a festive turquoise border to complete the look.

We designed this piece as a lap quilt, and it can be gently used as such, but it does have a number of non-traditional fabrics in it (what else is new) that do not lend themselves to rough use or the washing machine. It would be great as a little color spot/decoration at the foot of a twin bed or over the top of a chair. This quilt includes some traditional cotton print fabrics, flannel, fleece, drapery fabric, faux suede, and spandex. It measures approximately 36” x 46”.

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