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“Groovy Z” Hawaiian Koa Slab Lamp

A ‘slab’ lamp is one formed from a single, solid chunk of wood. This little beauty is crafted from a solid hunk of beautiful Hawaiian Koa acquired on a recent run to a regional lumber yard. As usual, we scoured the remnant bins and brought back every piece we thought we could do anything with. These pieces usually have ‘flaws’ in them, at least in the eyes of some, and this particular chunk had a sizeable central area that consisted of internal cross sections of knotty branches. We kept the piece on a shelf for quite a while, not wanting to cut up such a thick piece into little giblets, until it finally occurred to us that if we trimmed away the interior, we would have the makings of a super groovy lamp base. So we excavated. Pleased with that shape, we complimented it with similar lines across the top and bottom to add to the ‘groovy’ and form a “Z”. There was a lot of sanding and finish work after that, not to mention the task of drilling through the chunk to create a passage for the cord. The cord is contained in a solid steel pipe which we threaded ourselves and painted glossy black to compliment the dark lines of grain in the wood. Not coincidentally, it also compliments the black piping fabric of the lamp shade, but is a neutral look that would go well with many other shades.

The lamp is finished with multiple coats of hand rubbed oil and urethane finish in satin and comes with a three-way matching light socket, standard bulb size, and long life LED bulb (40w/ 60w/ 100w, which equals 450/ 800/ and 1500 lumens. The lamp may be purchased with or without the ‘uno’ style shade as shown in the photographs. The lamp base itself measures 7” tall x 10 1/2” wide x 3” thick. The total height at the top of the socket is 18”.

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