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Art Deco Style Hawaiian Koa and African Sapele Wall Sconce

Here we have a non-traditional take on the classical stylings of Art Deco wall lighting. Classic oval to round shapes, but in the lush medium of exotic woods rather than metals and plastics. The back of this sconce is formed of solid African Sapele and the bottom and side components are of Hawaiian Koa wood. The two side pieces are united with the bottom piece via lap joints and are secured to the back with wood screws. Each of these three pieces has a groove routed in to hold a beautiful piece of sea green/blue stained glass cut and ground at the top to emulate the curves of the Koa.

Enclosed in this structure is a separate piece of solid Hawaiian Koa that holds the long-life LED candelabra bulb, which is pre-wired to mount to a standard 4" open wall box. The Sapele back has an open slit at the center approximately 4" long, wide enough to be mounted on a standard wall box threaded pipe and secured tightly with a washer and nut (A brass washer and decorative nut are included. The metal wall box and threaded rod are not). This slit also allows plenty of space for the wiring to exit the back of the sconce and be attached to the in-wall wiring. (Note: in the photos provided, the wiring is hanging from the sconce because we do not have an open wall box upon which to wire it up for illumination. The wires would obviously not be visible when properly mounted to in-wall wiring.) The stained glass sits freely in the grooves of the Hawaiian Koa and is easily removed for hanging the sconce and changing the light bulb when required.

The natural sheen of the African Sapele and Hawaiian Koa in this project are enhanced with multiple coats of a hand rubbed oil and urethane satin finish. This sconce measures 16” tall x 8 1/2” wide x 6” deep.

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