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Bright Squares Lap Quilt

Boy is this thing soft. The brightly colored squares with bands of black in between are made of flannel and traditional quilting cottons, while the back is thick yummy fleece. The batting is a thin but very fluffy ‘Mountain Mist’ type.

After making the “Circles” Lap Quilt, the goal on this was to shift the challenge away from doing something two-sided with lots of hand applique to something demanding more geometric precision. We began by setting the finished size we wanted to achieve, and then cut an assortment of sizes of squares in the varying colors. We started with the largest squares, distributing those nicely across the allotted space, and then began to lay in smaller and smaller squares until we were down to the 2x2 size, careful to array the colors nicely. Naturally, with squares that were not sized purely as multiples of one another, some spaces were then filled in with rectangles to flesh the whole thing out. It was a two-phased process of laying out numerous squares and bordering them with black flannel and attaching those as small ‘units’, then a ‘design as you go’ process took over to ‘fill in the blanks’. Black thread was used to quilt the piece, sewn down the black flannel bands. We did not heavily quilt it as that is not our thing. We finished the piece with a border of black and white polka dot flannel for one more layer of fun and flair! The finished result is wonderfully bright and vibrant, besides being very, very soft.

This quilt is a bit more of a true ‘lap quilt’ than the Circles quilt, simply by virtue of the fabrics we selected. They are all pretty traditional quilting fabrics. But, it is not meant to roll around with the puppies on! It’s for those cozy, quiet evenings when your poor feet could use a little more warmth. It is also very beautiful draped across the back of a chair or across the foot of a bed, as depicted in the pictures, simply as a decorative item, in a place that could use a little more color and pop to brighten the mood. We show it along the foot of a king sized bed, and a standard length love seat to give an idea of the size.

This quilt measures 53” long x 30” wide

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