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Cherry and Curly Maple Chest

We enjoy the challenge of boxes and small chests, and we enjoy trying different combinations of woods in our projects, so it was only a matter of time before we united cherry and maple in this cute little treasure chest. The sides of the chest are solid cherry, cut and joined so that the grain flows smoothly around the entire perimeter. We knew we wanted to make the feet from maple, but also knew it wouldn’t look right to have the feet be the only spot of maple in the whole project. So, we sliced up the cherry slabs we intended to use for the bottom and top of the chest and insert maple strips down the center of each as accent pieces. The maple for the feet and the idea for the shape of the feet both came from the feet we cut for our Birch Girl sculpture. These shapes were the ghost outlines of the shape of her feet, pared down to a proper size for the chest, and attached on the diagonal to mirror the overhang of the chest lid and add to the sense of feet in motion. We also think they add to the cute factor. The finish is natural, wipe on polyurethane in a satin finish to enhance the natural colors and grains of the woods. This chest measures 24” long x 12” deep x 15” high. A nice size for the foot of a twin bed, or tucked under a home office desk or console table.

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