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Cherry Dough Bowl

So pleased were we with the outcome of our Rustic Walnut Crotch Wood Bowl that we set about making another rustic bowl. This time, with a thicker, larger piece of wood, we did one on the style of a “bread” or “dough” bowl. Note this bowl is NOT food safe, it is for decoration and storage only. But we love the look of those dough bowls and they get used for lots of things besides kneading dough.

We began with a very thick hunk of cherry wood, which on one end had a live edge undercutting slope, and trimmed the other end on the bandsaw to emulate that undercut on the opposite end. After that, we mapped out on the surface of the wood a rough oval shape, this time keeping some nice thick edges for that dough bowl look, and dug in with the angle grinder. After a lot more work with the Dremel, and some hand sanding (careful to keep the lovely tool marks), we finished this piece with several coats of boiled linseed oil, and a topcoat of hand rubbed oil and urethane finish. Man did the grain ever POP on this piece of wood. We absolutely love this bowl. Nevertheless, we are going to offer it for sale (which sometimes doesn’t happen in our shop!). It could, like its walnut brethren, be used as a catch all bowl in an entryway or office, or as a tabletop centerpiece to hold whatever decorative items you might want to use.

This bowl is beefy. It is 17” long x 10” wide x 2 1/2” deep (on the interior)

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