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Cocobolo Console Table

We bought two planks of Cocobolo quite some time ago, but having no idea what we wanted to do with them, they were filed away in a corner of our workshop. Then a few months ago, we happened to come across numerous other small pieces and narrow strips of yet more Cocobolo, and as soon as we got them all together in one room, we knew we had enough to make a very interesting console table. Wanting to do something a little different than a straight rectangle top with four legs, we began by planing the two wider planks and fitting them together with biscuits, keeping the most interesting aspects of the wood grain toward the middle of the unit. We then cut away the less interesting margins of the wood, stylizing the shape into a geometric abstraction. We let the pieces that were to form the apron pick up on these angles, which left us with a 'naturally' forming V-shape making use of three legs instead of four. Additional smaller pieces were then shaped to create the lower corresponding support structure, which was constructed via a system of hidden and exposed dowels. The entire leg structure was then attached to the top with wooden brackets also formed from pieces of Cocobolo.

Cocobolo is a very hard and heavy wood, with a rich variety of graining and coloring. We elected to finish the piece with multiple layers of hand rubbed oil and urethane finish that would enhance those colors and patterns without creating an artificial looking surface.

This table measures 32" long x 13" deep x 30 1/2” tall. Its smallish size makes it ideal for a smaller home, apartment our condo. Or maybe for a small alcove in a bigger place. Either way, it can easily serve as the focal point of a room.

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