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Cottonwood Bandsaw Box Nightlight

We found a wonderful chunk of white cottonwood on a recent trip to a regional lumber yard and finally decided to use it to create this nifty little “nightlight” lamp. From the rectangular chunk of wood, we cut a blunt crescent shape out on the bandsaw, glued it up, and when it was dry, cut the perimeter to match. From the inner plug we made the bottom just as we would make a bandsaw box, but this time we drilled a hole in it to accept a removable LED bulb. Instead of making a ‘lid’ from the wood, we made one from a cool piece of streaked, rippled stain glass. We then created an abstract design on the sides and drilled little holes to let the light shine through. After lots of sanding, we used acrylic paints to give the interior a reflective white interior and a blended copper and bronze sheen exterior. We then decorated the light hole design on the sides with a lovely purple to match the streaks in the stained glass lid.

Cottonwood is a delicate, lightweight wood. Perfect for this cute little light. It measures 7” tall x 8 1/2” wide x 3 1/2” deep, and includes a long life LED bulb on a six foot cord with inline switch.

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