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Crescent Lamp

Ever since we made the "Deconstructed Walnut" lamp last summer, we have wanted to do a larger variation on the same theme. We were finally able to get to it, and we love it every bit as much as the original. This time, we used two individual pieces of live edge walnut to create the four side panels, slicing each of the two slabs into groovy halves that would nest into lovely overlapping corners. We purposely selected two slabs of different lengths in order to give the top of the lamp an interesting slope. We then created the assorted crescent shaped openings with a plunge router, cut and ground sections of four different panels of stained glass to fit each opening and assembled the pieces. Because this piece is so much taller than the original, we knew we would need extra support at the base, so we created a 'double decker', 5 inch thick pedestal from solid walnut and the side panels are biscuit joined to the bottom and top levels. The lamp is finished with several coats of hand rubbed oil and urethane natural satin finish.

We designed this piece for use as a floor lamp, as it is 32" tall and includes a long-life 11 watt, 1000 lumens LED flood style light that not only shows off the decorative glass but the wonderful sculptural qualities of the grooved walnut panels, making for interesting casts of light and shadow on surrounding walls and ceiling. Further, each panel is of a different design and shape, making the lamp very interesting from all four sides. But it could be used as a table top lamp, so long as your table is strong enough! This is one hefty lamp, at 32" tall x 9" wide x 10" deep, and weighing in at nearly 19 pounds! This heft, along with its overall size, demand special packing requirements and unfortunately as a result extra packaging and shipping costs.

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