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Elm Live Edge End Table

This table is definitely the most elementary project we have done. When we first began to explore the possibilities of working with live edge woods, we came across this strangely shaped, thick piece of elm for a very good price. We wanted to do a piece that would be an admittedly odd blend of rustic and ‘mid-Century’. In short, we wanted a rustic table top, but needed it to blend with the furniture of our t.v. room, which is reminiscent of mid-century style with its chrome legs. Thus we did a thing we had not done before and have not done since; we used new, ’store bought’ legs in a hand-made furniture project. We enjoy the finished look of this piece in the habitat for which it was intended. It is a wonderful juxtaposition of smooth metal and incredibly rough-sawn and only lightly sanded live edge wood. We did just enough sanding of surfaces and edges on this to keep ourselves from getting splinters! We then finished the piece by rubbing in multiple coats of Danish oil to bring out all of the natural grain patterns as well as the pleasing tool marks left behind in the wood. It is a nice height at the end of a sofa, with plenty of room for a lamp, books, beverages or a plate of food, measuring 17 1/2” high x 38” long x 21” deep.

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