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English Walnut Live Edge Table

This little table is another happy coincidence. We acquired the beautiful piece of English live edge walnut on a shopping trip in Pennsylvania and we knew we wanted to make an end table with it. But we didn’t know what other woods we wanted to use or what style we wanted to try for. It ended up being a perfect match for abandoned ideas and parts from two other projects. The American walnut legs for this piece were originally intended to be the legs for the live edge walnut coffee table that became a lamp instead. And the idea for the lap-joint support frame came from the lap-joint components that were eventually used as the frames for both the Everyday Balloons and Round Bales quilts. We liked the look of those frames so much with their proud oak dowels for joinery that we wanted to do it again for this table. So, this end table has a top of English walnut, legs of American walnut, and a structural support of hard maple, held together with floating and fixed white oak dowels. The finish is a combination of Danish oil and brush on, natural, water based polyurethane in satin. The table measures 16” tall, 25 1/2” long, and from 17-19” deep, as it is live edge. It is a nice height for lamps, books, and beverages of choice alongside your favorite chair.

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