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Groovy Deconstructed Walnut Table Lamp, Beefy Version

A repeat customer for whom we had customized some lamps before fell in love with our original design ‘groovy deconstructed’ lamp from a few years ago and wanted something similar. This one is even beefier than the original! The live edge walnut base is 12 x 12 and 2 inches thick! The deconstructed side panels are one inch thick, and the total height is 16 inches.

Unlike the original, this design is on purpose. We planed down all the wood and then trimmed the base and panels for size. After that, we created a wrap around design to create two opposing corners that are just slightly wavy, while the other two are deeply grooved and nesting into one another. We also grooved the tops of the panels for additional flow and visual interest. Next, we drew on shapes where the glass would go and cut out the openings with a jigsaw. A lot of sanding on the oscillating sander was then required to smooth out all these edges and get the shapes just how we wanted them. Then we used a plunge router to create a rabbet around the perimeters of all of these shapes. For this lamp, we have a new glass saw, so we were able to create more intricately shaped glass than we were with the original design. We used the glass saw to cut/grind all of the glass pieces, with a lot of repetitive test fitting along the way. We created a good sized hole in the center of the base for the bulb, drilled holes for dowels to hold the four side panels, cleaned up the live edge, created a round over for a clean look on the perimeter, routed in a t-shaped groove on the bottom for the cord, and drilled in a recess to hold a glass votive candle holder for a little added fun.

Once all of our pieces were how we wanted them, we finished them with multiple coats of armor seal oil based wipe on finish, with quadruple zero steel wool buffing in between. When that dried, we carefully glued in all of the stained glass pieces and left those to dry. Finally, we assembled the lamp with a series of hidden dowels, wired up the bulb and cord assembly and poof! A beautiful lamp of vibrant, warm colors. The glass is beautiful when lit and unlit, and the lamp also allows fragments of white light out around the groovy corners to make really cool patterns and shadows on the walls and ceiling. We like this one even better than the first one we made.

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