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Hawaiian Koa Lamp with 'Suspended' Stained Glass

On a recent trip to a regional lumberyard we discovered yet another assortment of oddball chunks of Hawaiian Koa, all of which were in extremely rough and rustic form. (Anyone following along on the construction of this lamp on Instagram has been able to see what kinds of pieces we started with). From a portion of this odd lot, we had a ball constructing the frame for this stained glass lamp. It was crafted in our 'usual' fashion, with multiple rounds of cutting, planing and sanding, and the entire frame is held together with a system of wood dowels.

From there, though, we wanted to create the stained glass panels in a new way. We decided to suspend the glass panels in a system of decorative wood plugs. We drilled out the openings in the Koa rails and filled them with black walnut plugs, left proud and drilled through to allow for the insertion of copper wire, which we twisted into place and finished with decorative plant-like tendrils. We are so pleased with the results that we have decided to build a second lamp just like this one with another portion of the large 'live edge' piece of glass we secured for the first project.

The Koa is finished with multiple coats of hand rubbed oil and urethane in a satin finish that 'pops' the grains and coloring into a close likeness to the colors in the glass. The lamp includes a long life LED "Edison style" bulb and a six foot cord with inline switch. It measures 7" wide (square) and 12" tall. At this size it would work well in almost any setting--on an end table, console table or nightstand. You may purchase this lamp individually or you may purchase it and place an order for the second one before we finish it if you would like to have both.

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