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Hawaiian Koa Live Edge Torso Lamp

We discovered this wonderful piece of Hawaiian Koa on a road trip to a regional lumber yard. It was far more ‘rustic’ when we came across it. We knew right away we wanted to turn it into a lamp, and set about extensive trimming and sanding. The most difficult task was boring the hole down the center to accommodate the light bulb. After much struggle with tools both electric and manual, we succeeded; this lamp includes an PAR20 LED halogen-style bulb that yields a wonderful ‘floodlight’ effect (an 8 watt bulb with a 50 watt equivalent which would cost an additional $20 to $25 if purchased separately) The cord is six feet and contains an in-line switch. The back side of the lamp is lightly carved for a little added flair, and the entire piece is finished with a combination of Danish oil and an oil-based urethane that really makes the Koa grain pop. The lamp is measures approximately 8” wide x 6” deep x 18” tall. Given its size, the quality of the lighting, and its organic form, we like it as a floor lamp. But it could also be used on a desk or console table of appropriate size as well.

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