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Hawaiian Sunset Koa/Sapele Light

This light consists of an African Sapele case surrounding a Hawaiian Koa panel and red streaked stained glass. It was based on our prototype sunset light made from pine, but this one has a much more refined appearance, with lock-mitre joints to create the case and a simple clear shellac finish that enhances the grains of both the Sapele and Koa woods. Compared to many things we’ve made, construction was fairly straightforward, and we are delighted with the appearance of the glass whether the light is turned on or off, as its colors change radically given the lighting conditions. This light can be hung on a wall or placed atop a desk or shelf. It measures 13” wide x 12” tall x 2 1/2” deep. It includes a long life/low heat LED bulb and a six foot cord with an inline switch.

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