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Hawaiian Sunset Wall Light

This is another of our projects that wanted to be something other than what we originally had planned for it. At the start, the plan was to make a four-sided table lamp. The corners/legs were to be made from walnut, and each side would consist of a piece of stained glass on top and a small panel of Hawaiian koa wood on the bottom. Construction proved extremely challenging—no matter what we did, we could not get these 8 pieces to fit properly into the overlapping rabbets on the interior corners of the walnut. We decided to abandon the project, despite all of the work that had gone into the crafting of each individual component. During dis-assembly, we placed the eight pieces—4 glass panes and 4 koa panels—down flat side by side on a work table and suddenly it hit me. These pieces should be visible all at once, like a landscape painting of a sunset! We immediately began designing the outer wood case and interior dividers that would be needed to hold the panels and voila! Hawaiian Sunset Wall Light was born. Working with a more forgiving wood for the frame (it is of white pine), and in a single flat plane, the overlapping slots for the glass and wood were far easier to align. Each interior compartment is lit by an individual LED bulb. The case is held together with finger joints and all of the wood is finished with a thick acrylic in colors designed to accent those of the stained glass, with swirling brush strokes symbolizing the churning of ocean waves. We were so pleased with the outcome that this project became a prototype for us, and we have other similarly constructed lights in the works. This light is intended to be hung on a wall, but can also stand atop a table, desk or bookshelf. It measures 26” long x 13” high x 2 1/2” deep.

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