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Lilly’s U-pick Orchard Quilt

Lilly’s U-Pick Orchard was actually inspired by the ‘fence’ on which it hangs. The fence, originally created to serve as a backdrop for a different, larger quilt (Chicken Strips to be exact), is made of rough-cut poplar veneer. When the various Danish oil finishes were applied, the natural colors and grains in the wood were so lovely that we didn’t want to hide it behind a larger quilt. Then inspiration struck, and Lilly’s U-Pick ‘mini-quilt’ was born. This little quilt measures 11” x 9” and allows the 24” x 24” fence to be enjoyed as an equal partner in the total art piece. It is suspended via jewelry wire and can be moved left to the right as it may please the viewer. Lilly’s U-Pick is inspired by all of the hand done signs of all kinds that we see on our travels throughout the growing season in our region, and is all hand appliquéd and hand quilted. The fabrics are a combination of cotton and microsuede, overlaid with a delicate nylon mesh.

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