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Live Edge Hawaiian Koa Desktop Weather Station and Clock

This item was created from yet another extremely rustic piece of Hawaiian Koa found on a road trip to a regional lumber yard. After prototyping a clock on a plug of ash leftover from a bandsaw box, we were eager to do more, and we thought this piece, with two flat faces, would be perfect as not only a clock but a weather station as well. The raw piece of wood required extensive rasping and sanding, but by far the most difficult task was boring the holes for the gauges. Anyone who knows anything about Koa knows how hard it is. We eventually succeeded, and the grain was so nice that we decided to finish it with a simple clear water-based polyurethane that would preserve the natural coloring, including the lovely natural ‘driftwood’ look on the live edge side. The weather gauges have been calibrated where required, and instructions are included should they ever need recalibration. The clock includes an installed battery, and needs only to have the protective plastic shield removed in order to activate it. All of the gauges are easily removed and reinstalled in the holes with minimal gentle fingertip effort—no tools are needed.

This weather station measures approximately 13 1/2” tall x 5” wide (at the bottom) x 5 1/2” deep (at the bottom)

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