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Live Edge Quilt

I got the idea for this quilt as I was working on the Live Edge Cedar Quilt and finally got around to creating it. Unlike that quilt, which was spontaneously created from fabrics on hand, this one was deliberately designed and shopped for, and is based on working with numerous pieces of walnut in our own workshop. This quilt is a ‘walnut slab’, live on both long edges, with crotch wood at the top where the branches split off. Each live side has a sawed off branch as well, and there are also two ‘cracks’ in the grain, appropriately mended with butterflies. The quilt is constructed from three different kinds of microsuede, faux leather, assorted colors of embroidery thread, and two kinds of satin. It is entirely hand stitched, except for the very delicate satin wood grain pieces and the butterflies, which are affixed with fusible webbing as all attempts to stitch the edges of these pieces would have frayed the edges. The two stretcher/hanging bars are made of Peruvian walnut, finished with Danish Oil. This quilt measures 56” tall x 33” wide.

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