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Live Edge Stained Glass and Walnut Table Light

Here’s something new! This accent light, suitable for mantel, dresser, or a variety of console or side tables, was shaped from one solid piece of black walnut. The slots in the top were created with a router, and the sculpting on the bottom was done with a bandsaw in the mirror-image shape of the stained glass edge. The entire piece was then extensively hand rasped and sanded to round and soften the edges and corners. The grain and quilting of the wood really pops with the hand rubbed oil finish.

The piece of ‘live edge’ stained glass simply slides down into the front slot, and is illuminated from behind by a strip of long life LED bulbs housed in the wider slot. The power cord is feet long and includes an inline switch.

This piece is gorgeous in any light, illuminated or not. And it is hefty. It measures 25” long x 4” deep x 3” tall, with the glass adding another 4” to the total height.

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