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Maple and Walnut Table Lamp with Glass Beads

If you have read the description of the Hawaiian Sunset Wall Light, then you will know it originally involved the use of four hard-won pieces of walnut fashioned into corners/legs for a table lamp. We were unable to use those legs for their original project, but they finally found a home in this project. They are, indeed, the corners of this lamp, but the interior rabbets have been changed from double/overlapping to single plane insets deep enough to hold the curly maple panels that have become the sides. This made construction far easier, and we like that the walnut brings out the dark curls and flecks of the maple. Still, when we finished this portion of the project it did seem a bit dull and thus we elected to embellish the entire thing with assorted glass beads strung on copper jewelry wire and suspended from dowels at the top and bottom of each side of each corner. This gave the piece just the touch of color it needed, especially when the lamp is lit and shines through the glass beads that overlap the top. The wood was finished with a natural brush on, water based polyurethane. This piece measures 15” high x 8 1/2” wide x 8 1/2” deep.

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