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Modern-Rustic Tasmanian Blackwood Slab Lamp

Another creation from a solid chunk of a beautiful, exotic hardwood. We have had this particular piece of wood on a shelf for a long time. It was acquired with two others of similar size from a regional lumber yard. The first piece we used to create a slab lamp and original shade, but we loved it so much we decided not to sell it. The second piece was so thick we were able to resaw it into three slabs to create one of our classic ‘deconstructed’ lamps. That sold. And this is our last piece. It was not thick enough to resaw, and doing so would have likely destroyed it due to the sizable area of internal branches and knots that would not withstand the process. So we decided to work with the natural shape and traits of the piece as we found it. We kept the square lines of one side and the bottom, while cutting away the bark of the other side along its natural lines to form a nice, modern arc from top to bottom. After that, there was a lot of careful rasping and chiseling to remove the interior problem areas, which turned out to connect across three sides of the slab to yield a cool see-through effect. We then used the angle grinder to blend the angular and rounded together as well as to smooth this interior area into the surface faces of the slab. We love this touch of clean rusticity. We cut a simple arc in the bottom to make way for the cord in a line that compliments the curved side, and drilled all the way through the slab for the cord. The pipe that serves as the conduit is solid steel, painted glossy black to accent the dark streaks of the wood and the finish piping on the edges of the lamp shade. Naturally, it is neutral and would match any number of other shades.

The lamp is finished with multiple coats of hand rubbed oil and urethane finish in satin. It comes with a matching three-way light socket, standard bulb base size, and long life LED bulb (40w/ 60w/ 100w, which equals 450/800/1500 lumens. The lamp may be purchased with or without the ‘uno’ style shade shown in the photographs. The base measures 14” tall x 7” wide x 2 1/2” thick. The total height at the top of the light socket is 24”.

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