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Modern Sliced Lamp with Rotating Shade

This lamp was inspired, strangely enough, by a custom designed Kleenex box cover we made last year. Like that project, this lamp is made from tulip poplar, the four sides of its ‘shade’ mitre cut and biscuit joined. And like the earlier project, we used a router to create a modern ‘slice’ design. But for the lamp, instead of routing in shallow grooves we cut the wood through and through to let slices of light stream out the sides in addition to the top. We continued this routed design on down the stem and through the base on which the rotating shade rests.

After creating the structure and design, the lamp was finished with multiple layers of acrylic spray paint. The first few coats are brilliant white, and these were then supplemented by a shade of “pearl shimmer” to give the lamp both a slight metallic sheen and an interesting crackle effect on the surface. (This crackle effect is visible in the photos so that anyone looking for a skin of paint that looks as smooth as modeled plastic will not be disappointed in the finished look). We love the shimmering crackle look and only wish we could have achieved it to even greater effect.

This lamp measures 12” tall x 6 1/2” wide x 6 1/2” deep, and includes a bright white, long life LED bulb and six foot cord with inline switch.

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