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Pair of Mini Deconstructed (Groovy) Walnut Table Lamps

We really love to play with this design. After the success of the very large Crescent Lamp, we decided to go in the opposite direction with a pair of table lamps more petite than the original Deconstructed Walnut lamp from many months ago. And this time, we pushed the "groovy" aspect even farther, cutting the matched pairs of walnut with a very deep, overlapping design. We used salvaged 'cut offs' of walnut boards from a recent trip to a regional lumber yard that lacked live edges, so we gave those corners a soft, undulating look instead of leaving them purely squared off. We liked the sloped top from the Crescent Floor Lamp, and the undercut bases from the Circle Lamps, so we incorporated both of those features into this pair of lamps. The 'mini' format of course meant much smaller pieces of glass, which raises the degree of difficulty. And each shape is a one of a kind, with its own template. Totaled, there are thirty little pieces of glass in these lamps, and no two sides of these lamps look alike. We returned to an overall color scheme of blues and greens from the original Deconstructed Walnut lamp as we love how they combine with the richness of the Black Walnut.

The four sides were affixed to the bases with hidden dowels in a way that highlights the overlapping and complimentary contours of the pieces. This open structure creates an accent lamp that offers both color-filtered light and white light simultaneously, depending on the angle of view, and the bases are elevated on little feet allowing space for the cord so that the lamps can be rotated and viewed from any direction.

Each lamp is finished with multiple coats of hand rubbed satin polyurethane finish. They measure approximately 14" tall x 6" wide (square, at the base) and include a 6' cord with in line switch and a soft glow long life LED bulb.

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