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Pin Cushion Sewing Box

This is another prototype project for us that serves a personal need while offering up some thoughts to you on the kinds of things we make and what we might be able to make for you. I needed a small box to keep my key quilting supplies handy in as I work in various rooms of our house, depending on what I am doing. I was also tired of my sad little ‘stuffed tomato’ pin cushion that came with my sewing machine. I got it in my head that it would be great if the entire sewing box could also serve as a big pin cushion. And so, we have my upholstered box constructed of spalted maple and Peruvian walnut, with extra thick batting in the lid to hold my extra long quilting pins. The simple glue up construction and the use of spalted maple make it super light weight, and its visual similarity to a miniature ottoman makes it fun to look at and use. This box measures 12” long x 8” high (including the puffy upholstered top) x 8” deep. It is large enough to hold my regular and rotary scissors, all of my embroidery threads, spooled threads, thimbles, and so on.

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