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Red-Wood Lips Bandsaw Box

In the middle of making the Lemon-Lime bandsaw box, and very excited about the possibilities, we began work on the Redwood Lips box. This was created with reclaimed redwood planks, which we cut to the appropriate size and glued together in a stack five planks thick. Once that glue-up was dry, we cut out the lip design and re-glued the components. We completed the remaining steps of any bandsaw box—cutting the plug that would serve as the top and cutting out the design on the lid. Redwood being a soft wood, it sanded easily and took paint well. The box is finished in several layers of varying colors of red acrylic paints on the lip components as well as the box (mouth) interior, and black on the outside. We were so taken with the design that the interior wood plug and some of its cut-away pieces were also decorated in thick red acrylic to create a suite of lips. It is one of my most favorite creations thus far. Redwood lips measures 5” tall x 6” long x 4” deep.

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