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Redwood/Poplar Leaf Sculpture/Hanging

This work was the happy outcome of working with some leftover pieces from assorted bandsaw boxes. The leaves, made of poplar, were sliced from the interior plugs of the Lemon-Lime bandsaw box and another larger, less successful box attempt also made of poplar. The central branch in the work is a cut-away segment from another redwood bandsaw box. We were playing around with and sanding down the ‘leaf’ pieces when we came across the redwood ‘stem’ cut-away and knew we had the piece that made it make sense. Once the sanding was complete and the natural shellac finish was applied, we knew we had to create a vehicle for displaying it. So, we covered a stretched canvas with blended acrylic paints, adding a subtle shadow of the wood plant structure in the paint for extra dimension, and framed the piece with more reclaimed redwood planks to match the plant stem. Those, too, are finished in natural shellac. The complete piece makes a wonderful shadow box of sorts, and measures 20” tall x 20” wide x 3” deep.

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