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River Sconces--Custom Design

We got a request to do a modified version of our original River Sconce pair, still using African Sapele as the wood, but with a more opaque blue-green glass as the 'river'. We took the opportunity to improve a bit on the original design by making the wood case and face slightly larger and thicker. This gave us extra room inside the case to store the smaller battery pack and hide the wiring for the lighting, to avoid the unwanted-in-this-case industrial look of the sconce when the light was switched on. The choice of a more opaque glass also served this purpose and at the same time made for a much more dramatic look of churning water with hand-poured Kokomo glass. The thicker case allowed for biscuit joined corners and a wider rabbet around the back for placement of the backer material.

These revised sconces are finished in a dark walnut Danish Oil and have a 9" x 9" x 2" case. The African Sapele face is approximately 14" tall x 10" wide, and the stained glass protrudes above and below the Sapele by approximately another 1 1/2". They include two small LED bulbs powered by 4 AA size batteries.

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