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Rock Garden with Succulents (Mixed Media Art)

This picture was made alongside “Fern with ZZ” and, in a way, they are a pair. Same size, same materials, same framing, and same spontaneous work method, right down to being pre-soaked in a much needed rain before beginning. Even the color selections bear some similarities at points. But it is also substantially different from “Fern with ZZ”. It begins not with green, and not even with the botanical focus. It begins in white. Lots and lots of layers of white. These were worked in at various stages along with grays and blues (just like Fern). To these were added various tissue papers. But then, sections of the paper were scratched out and peeled away, excavated to create physical layers downward, not just upward. These canyons were then embellished with bright orange acrylic, a lovely compliment to the dark greys and blues of the tissue. Other papers and tissues, round and in strips, were added onto those, and only at the very end did the botanical theme of succulents emerge. These were born of research into forms of real plants, but then of course we took artistic license to create our own versions that would suit our little floating rock garden. These were made from heavy watercolor papers painted in several layers and then cut into tiny leaf and stem shapes and glued on in layers. We love the end result.

This picture, like “Fern with ZZ”, measures 16” x 20”. It is housed in a store bought frame, but for an additional cost, we could custom build an interesting wood frame that would further embellish this tiny garden.

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