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Rustic Deconstructed Hawaiian Koa Live Edge Console Table

Another one of a kind construction from the minds of Puffball. This gorgeous, refined-rustic table started its lumber yard life as one gnarly cut-off. At nearly 3 feet long, the Koa chunk that became the top was held together across the middle of its length only by a wad of crusty bark. With one crack of the chisel, we popped that joint loose and cleaned out the gunk. We then re-sawed the two three-inch-thick pieces and wow. Like cracking open a geode, we found the motherlode of gorgeous Koa grain. We sculpted and prettied up the live edge with chisels and angle grinder, careful to leave in an occasional tool mark to add to the rustic, hand made look.

With lots of hand planing and sanding, we were able to form the four individual pieces into a reasonably smooth, level top, floating the pieces individually on an apron of African Sapele via a system of exposed solid oak dowels, complete with overlaps, negative space, and a two-toned blue epoxy to smooth out any rough specs and hairline cracks. We then created four chunky, tapered legs from a lovely piece of quartersawn Sapele, and dressed those up with leafy vines done in Hawaiian Koa. The entire piece was finished with multiple coats of shellac for proper sealing, buffed down between coats, and finally with a layer of Minwax paste furniture wax polished to a beautiful sheen.

At 38” long x 18” deep x 32” tall, this item is ideal as a console table in any room you want to dress up with a truly special, one of a kind piece of furniture. This table is not constructed to take heavy loads or the daily abuse of rough-housing children or pets. This is a conversation piece. Something for that area of your home you keep for your quiet moments, where you can sit and admire the beauty of the grain. Maybe beneath a window with a little house plant on it. Maybe in your reading alcove with a couple of books and a cup of tea.

Due to its size and weight, shipping costs for this item are prohibitive, and it is available for LOCAL PICKUP ONLY in the Washington DC metro regio

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