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Rustic White Oak “Canoe” Wood Bowl

Here is another rustic power carved bowl in the general “dough bowl” category. This one is a solid limb of white oak. It had a natural curve in one portion of it, so we enhanced that look by further curving the bottom with the angle grinder. We undercut the ends to enhance that, and then took the angle grinder to the center, hollowing out a 2” depth. There were some small cracks and knots in the wood, so we used those as an opportunity for decorative embellishment, filling them with a beautiful rich blue epoxy. Everything was then sanded smooth, leaving just enough of the rough tool marks to lend character.

At 14 1/2” long, 4” high (2” in the bowl), and 4 1/2” deep, this bowl is perfect as a centerpiece for a small dining table. Also good for just catching the loose items from your pockets on a console table at your front entry. Or maybe you need it on a night stand for the same reason. Lots of good uses for a bowl of this size.

Note, this piece was finished with a hand rubbed oil and urethane finish in satin. Though we categorize in the the “dough bowl” space, this bowl is not food safe. It is not intended for food preparation or display.

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