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Tasmanian Blackwood Ring Bearer Box with Cocobolo Lids

For our next feat in the land of small experimental boxes, we decided to use a much beloved and very quirky piece of Tasmanian Blackwood. This one is very rustic, and we used every bit of these naturally occurring features to create the personality of this box. In short, we used the swath of gnarly bark on one edge as ‘hair’, and the deeply grooved cut in on the opposite edge as a ‘mouth’, drilled two openings in the middle for the rings, and poof: The Very Happy Ring Bearer Box. We accentuated the ‘eyes’ on this guy by making the lids from two discs of Cocobolo, with tiny Tasmanian handles. A lot of sanding, by machine and hand, came next, and then multiple coats of natural Danish Oil to accentuate the wonderful grain in this piece. The lids for the ring boxes were buffed with wax, but we didn’t want to use wax on the base itself as it would have become caked in the bark and natural openings.

The base of this box measures ____ x ____ x ____. With the lids and handles, the height is ____. The interiors of the ring compartments are approximate 1” diameter with a depth of ___ inches.

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