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Tic-Tac-Toe Art Quilt

In the Internet Age, it was bound to happen sooner or later: the world’s first interactive art quilt! This quilt, a play on the traditional 9-square format of quilts of old, consists of 9 individual quilted squares suspended in a wood frame that can be repeatedly arranged and rearranged to change up the look of the overall piece. Each square was constructed using 6” x 6” canvases for support and hanging purposes. The canvases were wrapped in quilt batting and then inserted into hand stitched fabric pouches and sealed up inside. But unlike a traditional quilt, this one has no backing. Instead, the squares are reversible; each one has both a “X” and an “O” that can be used in a wide variety of arrangements of the game pieces within the frame. The appliqué “X”s and “O”s were also hand stitched, and all of the fabrics are color coordinated around the theme of primary colors so that they may be used in any desired combination. The wood frame is tulip poplar finished in a glossy white paint that serves as a neutral backdrop and allows the colors and patterns of the quilt squares to really pop to the forefront.

Each finished quilt square measures approximately 8” x 7” x 1”, and can be suspended from the frame by a series of eyelets and hooks in any arrangement. The frame is held together via lap joints and a hidden hardware system that allows it to be disassembled for shipping and then easily reassembled on arrival, without risking the damage that would be caused by using ordinary wood screws. The total piece measuring approximately 35” wide x 35” high x 2” deep.

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