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Tiger Oak and Stained Glass Case Light Trio

Based on the success of our Mini Case Lights, we decided to go bigger with our design. This lamp is one of a trio that is shown in one of the photos. For this lamp, we chose to work with Tiger Oak (quartersawn white oak) for a classic grain one so often associates with stained glass and mission style furniture. We shaped, planed and mitre cut the boards, routing 3 grooves in each piece—two to capture the soldered glass panels and one in the center to house the strip lights. The top and side pieces of each case were then biscuit joined for extra support, while the bottom panel is held in place with countersunk wood screws which may be removed should the long life LED strip lights ever need changing or the glass panels need repair.

The stained glass panels were created with the idea that each lamp should have one side that consists of organic forms while the other side consists of geometric forms. Further, each side of each light has colors and textures that contrast with the other, so that you can have a different mood depending on which side is exposed. Each lamp is its own kaleidoscope creation, but there are commonalities amongst the selected glass so that they can be used all together in a single room if so desired. The pieces were cut and ground to fit the template designs, foiled, and soldered into position. Black patina was added to the solder to age it and make it blend with the look. Similarly, the tiger oak cases were stained with walnut Danish Oil for a rich, aged look.

The cases are lit by long life LED light strips wrapped around the interior perimeter, with the cord exiting at center bottom between the oak feet so that the lamp may be set at any angle. We like the largest light as a mantel light, but it also looks good on a console table. The medium and small lights are ideal for console tables, end tables, dressers or bookcases. Pretty much anywhere you need colorful accent or mood lighting.

The smallest light is a 7” x 7” square. The medium size light is 10” tall x 6” wide. The largest light is 10” tall x 16” long. All the cases are 4” deep and rest on oak feet that add about 1” to the total height.

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