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Tiger Oak and Stained Glass Table Lamp with Cocobolo

This lamp has two sources of inspiration in our past creations. First, it emulates a walnut and stained glass lamp we made some time ago in its blend of Western and Eastern influences—kind of like Mission Style meets Japanese pagoda. But that lamp had individual captured pieces of stained glass and this new one has soldered panels. That lamp was joined with dowels and this new one is a system of mortise and tenons. Both have a lid with a mortised center opening, but we took it one step further in this new lamp and added a decorative handle to the lid. The second source of inspiration for this lamp was our recently created Mission Style mantle clock. This lamp has the same flared corners but is made of solid Tiger Oak. And its overhanging lid, like that of the clock, balances the flares of those legs.

We also added decorative touches using exotic Cocobolo wood. The lid handle is made of Cocobolo and the little balancing half moons on the lower rails are also Cocobolo. These semi-circular touches contrast the hard edge overall square look of the lamp and to keep that balancing act going, we created two sets of glass panels—one pair with rectangular design and another with arcs to match the curvy Cocobolo. We chose a bright color scheme focusing on reds and greens to contrast with the dark woods and make the whole thing really festive.

The piece is finished first in a honey colored stain and on top of this are multiple coats of clear shellac to bring out the “tiger” in the wood. The lamp includes a long life LED candelabra base bulb on a 6 foot cord with inline switch. This lamp measures 14” tall by 6” to 8” wide (6” at the top and 8” at the bottom).

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