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Tiger Oak Round Stained Glass Lamp

We actually started on this lamp a year ago. But then other projects took over and we had to bundle up the parts and set it aside. We finally got back to it and boy are we glad we did. This is one of the most unusual lamps we have made, and definitely the most original in design of our stained glass lamps thus far. Comparatively short and fat, this rounded off design radiates festive personality. It is made of solid tiger oak (quartersawn white oak) stained a medium brown and finished in satin polyurethane. The legs are flared top to bottom on the two exposed sides, and the rails are rounded off for a stair step look. This rounded look is finished off on the top, with a thick, scooped top and matching finial we turned on the lathe.

The stained glass design is in a ‘party’ theme, with each side of the lamp offering a different color combination and shape of design. Perfect for a central location seen from all sides, or a console table along a wall where you can occasionally rotate the lamp for a different look. (As ever, it is tough to make photographs of stained glass when lit that really do the colors justice.)

The lamp includes a six foot cord with inline switch and a mini (corn cob style) long-life LED bulb. It measures 9” tall (13” with lid and finial) x by approximately 9” x 9” square at the widest part of the base.

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